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« on: January 28, 2016, 07:18:59 pm »
My Gmod Application

Pickle    STEAM_0:1:126440019



18hours 6 minutes at the time of writing this.

One of these 5 times

Weekdays: 4pm-6pm 6pm-10pm 4pm-10pm

Weekends: 9ish Am- 8pm 9ish Am- 6pm

Well, I feel really happy here and Tbh Ive noticed recently that with the server dying ever so slightly, When ever I go onto it being only one person, I cant control a group of 3 Russian speakers...
I see myself as slightly strict but still having some room to y'know, boogie.

I personally would try and add a few more trails to the pointshop as it does seem a bit lacking but I dont really know if there is a way to find much more, or how many trails there are in stock.
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