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Author Topic: Welcome to Andromada Servers - Stop it, Slender! (ingame motd)  (Read 1409 times)

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Welcome to Andromada Servers - Stop it, Slender! (ingame motd)
« on: December 29, 2015, 06:30:36 pm »
Welcome to Andromada Servers - Stop it, Slender!

In slender you have to collect all pages on the map before all players are killed. As Slender you can run around and scare/kill people.

Make sure you have Counter strike: Source installed for textures and maps!

Join our Teamspeak3 Server! Address:, Channel: Garry's Mod Murder Server
Join our Steam group!
Join our forums!

Server rules:
  • Use common sense! If you think something is not allowed, then don't do it!
  • No ghosting via Teamspeak, Skype etc.
  • Do not glitch/bug abuse
  • No spamming! Examples are flooding the chat or playing music over the ingame chat/Teamspeak.
  • No advertising! Examples are posting IP/names of other servers in the chat.
  • No racism of any type! I don't think I need to explain that...
These rules apply to both the ingame text chat and the ingame voice chat/Teamspeak. If any of these rules are broken you will be banned or kicked, depending on the situation!

Server features/keys:
  • Press F3 to access the point shop. Points are given every 5 minutes. The longer and more often you play, the fancier hats/trails you can buy!
  • Bored of playing on the current map? Use !votemap to start a vote to change the server map! Do not use !rtv
  • As a player: press your right mouse to turn your flashlight into a small circle that has a much bigger range.
  • As Slender: press your right mouse to turn invisible or visible. Remember, you can only switch when people don't see you.[/b]
  • Another player being unfair or doing something they shouldn't? Use !votekick to start a player vote to kick them from the server! (this will be removed if it gets abused!)

Want to play a map that's not on the server? Feel free to request it on the forum and I'll try and add it!
Have this awesome idea on how to improve our server? Please open a topic in the correct sub forum.
This is also for bugs, any help from the community is greatly appreciated - the server is still a Work In Progress!

Andromada Servers also has game servers in SA:MP, Gmod, Tekkit, and Minecraft!

Feel free to join the community by signing up to our forum. You can also reach us via IRC (, channel
If you do get banned and want to appeal, open a topic on our forum in the General Chat board of the Garry's Mod category!

Have fun playing on our server!
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